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Julie Metz - Great Story Meets Great Story Teller

April 14, 2021 Claudine Wolk Season 1 Episode 20
Stories and Strategies for Women
Julie Metz - Great Story Meets Great Story Teller
Show Notes

Julie Metz is a NY Times best selling author, an art director and a graphics designer.  Her second book, Eva and Eve, is her latest newly released book.

Eva and Eve reads a bit like historical fiction but what is described actually happened to Julie's Mom's family in Nazi-occupied Vienna.  Julie's Mom shared some of what happened in her young life - she was 12 when she left Vienna for America with her parents - but not everything that happened.  After Julie's mom's death, Julie found a book that she had never seen before.  So started Julie's journey to uncover the rest of her mothers story. 

To tell a great story, you need a great story-teller.  Metz is the perfect person to tell this story, not only because it is her ancestor's story but also because she is simply a fantastic writer. (Her first book, Perfection, is one of my favorites!)  Prepared to be swept away in this interview to another time and place.  Come along for the ride as Julie searches for the truth. 

Julie has a special offer for fans…bookplates! Message her on her instagram account: juliemetzwriter - and ask for a bookplate.

What is a bookplate?  It is a sticker with Julie’s autograph that you can place in your book to create your own signed copy of her book!  Bookplates used to be super popular…I love them..and are making a comeback!

Julie Metz's Books:

Eva and Eve


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